Anxiety During a World Pandemic

“Ladies, y’all alright? Brothas, how y’all feelin?” How’s everybody doing? You can be honest, give the present answer, not the “strong” perceiving answer. I already know we’re all strong, so how are you being in these moments though? I’ll be honest, I have been experiencing anxiety for the first time, significantly, in my life, overContinue reading “Anxiety During a World Pandemic”

NEW OFFERING! Community Distance Reiki 10/17/19

Hello there! I apologize for not being so active on here. A lot of good things have been going on and we’ve been, well, flourishing! Last month kicked off our first live event in NYC, hosting a Reiki Healing Sound Bath, and it was a beautiful turnout and experience! We had visitors from all overContinue reading “NEW OFFERING! Community Distance Reiki 10/17/19”

Our Debut Event! Reiki Healing Sound Bath on August 11th, 2019

Join us for Fly & Flourishing’s debut event next month! I am excited to announced the first event will be a Reiki healing sound bath on August 11th in New York City at 12pm. We will zen out over sounds from crystal singing bowls being played lived by me while receiving Quantum Reiki from meContinue reading “Our Debut Event! Reiki Healing Sound Bath on August 11th, 2019”

August Reiki Healing Circle Call

Our first Reiki Healing Circle Call was last month and was oh so good! Our next one is this month on the 8/21/18 at 8:30PM EST. This month’s call’s theme is: “Let go and let good.” We’ll be focusing on releasing/surrendering and aura cleansing. We recently experienced a powerful blood full moon, lunar eclipse andContinue reading “August Reiki Healing Circle Call”