Now Accepting Distance Reiki Bookings

Receive the benefits of Reiki from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world, re-center, and relax.


Fly & Flourishing is a haven for mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and well being that inspires thriving over merely surviving. We believe that it is our birthright to be, well, fly and flourishing.

We offer Reiki, energy healing, and sound therapy services that serve and support us being the flyest and highest versions of ourselves.

You are worthy simply because you exist. Peace, joy and well being are your birthright- not a privilege.

Milan Staples, Creator of Fly & Flourishing

New to energy healing and want to learn how you can start healing yourself, reducing stress, and attracting more inner peace in your daily life? Our Everyday Energy Healing course shares simple and easy techniques for the everyday person (no Reiki experience necessary!) that can be practiced right away to attract more inner peace and relaxation.