Distance Reiki $50

Did you know that Reiki can be sent from a distance to anyone in the world from anyone in the world? It can and is just as effective as an in person session (take a look at our testimonials). One session lasts 45 minutes if you need a reboot. If you have a specific issue that you are looking to heal, you may need multiple sessions.

Email to discuss and create a custom healing session plan and rate.

Custom Group Reiki

Create a custom, group Reiki experience in person or via distance with family & friends. These are great for birthdays, self care day, girls night in, etc.

Email to discuss details and rates.

Sound Therapy

Sound is an energy frequency that offers tremendous healing abilities. We harness the power of crystal singing bowls and other sound instruments to create sounds that relax you, rebalance the chakras and calm the nervous system.

We can provide in person or virtually and for individuals or groups. Contact for more details and rates.

This was my first Reiki session and I must say I’m very impressed. Milan & I live in different states, so I received distance Reiki. At first I was hesitant, but Milan was very professional and her videos on Reiki listed on YouTube were very informative; which made me feel at ease. Milan was prompt & the schedule session was on time. During the session I felt relaxed and at peace. Once I received my results I was impressed because she could sense what I was going through from a distance. Overall, the experience was great & I highly recommend Milan for Reiki therapy. Just from her videos & her high level of professionalism, I can tell she’s very passionate about Reiki therapy. Thanks again.

— Christina Hayes

It has been years since my last Reiki session so I was a little ambivalent at the start. I wasn’t able to get into a comfortable position and I thought this would get in the way of “connecting.” Once I felt my feet move, as if settling my foundation, I knew that Milan had somehow found a way to get past my static. What she revealed at the end of the session was spot on. Performing Reiki remotely did not hinder the work that Milan was able to perform. I strongly recommend Milan. Whether you need some type affirmation that you are on the right road or if you need a little guidance with starting something new, Milan has the ability to tap into where you are and offer insight to help you along. Thank you Milan!

— Patricia

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