Stephenni Miller-Allen

Words simply can not express the ways in which Milan has helped me along my spiritual journey. After living so long with depression, I made the decision to completely immerse myself into self love. It was shortly after that, someone in my class was talking about their experience receiving Reiki from Milan. I immediately inboxed her like I need Reiki..who is this person!!! I’m so happy I did.
Before my first session, I was comforted by her beautiful spirit. She took the time to explain the process step by step, while also providing a safe space for me to ask questions.

Not only did Milan help to clear so much stuck energy within my aura, but she so beautifully gave my father comfort through his transition and after my father’s passing, her continued healing energy and support meant the world to me. Milan has been instrumental in my healing and I can’t believe what a difference a year has made! I am now out of that dark place, focused on living my best life…beyond words to express my gratitude.

 I’m forever grateful,
Stephenni Miller-Allen 


Milan prepared me very well for my first Reiki session. I watched all of her recommended YouTube videos. I’m glad that I watched them because I did not experience any sensations, but I knew from the video that it was perfectly fine to feel nothing. Afterwards, Milan told me the areas that she concentrated on and provided possible reasons. She was completely spot on with her assessment and I will be taking some of her recommended advice this weekend. I would not hesitate do another session and highly recommend Milan for anyone interested in Reiki.



Not knowing much about Reiki, my experience with Milan was calming and peaceful. She has a very calm and peaceful nature about her which makes the whole experience that much more affirming. The session lasted 45 minutes. During it, she confirmed some of my deepest insecurities and reaffirmed them within me, assuring me that I am loved, even without me saying a word throughout the session. I would recommend anyone needing confirmation in their journey, positive affirmations and healing their daily spiritual lives to sit with Milan for a session.