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Welcome to Fly & Flourishing!

I started Fly & Flourishing because when I became a Reiki practitioner, I broke open in so many beautiful and euphoric ways. I wanted to see everyone, who wanted to, feeling fly and flourishing and offer my gifts to aid in that. I am a Level 3/Master Level Usui Ryoho Reiki practitioner and am certified in Karuna Ki Reiki and Rainbow Reiki. I love seeing people do well, engaged, purpose driven and present and have been witness to how Reiki helps realign people with their higher selves, God (or however you refer to it) and their inner child. It’s amazing and I am honored to serve and be a channel for love & light to the world.

On here, I will share inspiration, resources and some of my spiritual journey with the intent to foster energetic healing within the black communities and the world, continue growing personally, professionally and help enhance the lives of others. Our growth is equally communal as it is individual and all things attribute to our growth, wellness and wellbeing.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


We will talk intentional living, which is different from minimalist living, self care; Reiki healing and other energy healing modalities, spirituality, New Thought/Law of Attraction and connecting with our higher selves, food, art & culture, books and more. 

We will also be talking everyday lifestyle. Being spiritual doesn’t mean you have to become a monk segregated from the world, that you aren’t loud at parties, don’t cut up when your favorite song comes on or can’t have any “worldly” fun. Being connected with your higher self isn’t lighting incense everyday, wearing only thrifted clothing, patchouli and mala beads, it’s just simply your journey. Some days you stay in bed all day and other days you’re a productive rock star. Being in tune with your higher self is smiling and laughing often and living your truth how it serves YOU. You can be spiritual and cuss. You can be “zen” and have times where you are pissed off, jealous or anxious. We’re all human and multi-layered after all.

I love expanding my knowledge through reading books so I will be sharing cool books that positively affected my life and may do the same for you. Can we say, book reports maybe?! When I learn things, I can’t not share them with others. Remember, I love to see people feeling fly and flourishing!

To kick things off, a book I am planning to re-read is In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson. I try to re-read it once a year for refreshers because I’m just a spiritual being have human experiences and am forgetful! The title is a mouthful but worth checking out. It reminds us to stand tall and not be distracted by good when we are often called to be great. Mark says in the book, “Good is often the enemy of great”. If we’re called to be great, sometimes we have to release the good aka comfort zone to make room for what we are meant for, which is almost always GREAT. If you’re looking for encouragement to lean into what is yours, this is a good book to check out.

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