Healers Need Healing Too

In this day in age, it is “trending” to be about self care, holistic healing alternatives and all things energy. With it also being very easy to access and influence large amounts of people, I want to talk about holistic healing from my perspective. I feel that when we have the ability to influence people, there is a responsibility to do it with professionalism and integrity. I am not a licensed medical professional in any capacity and I remain cognizant of that; it is a big part of why I am careful about what I share and how I share.

Sometimes people, and healers alike, forget that healers and lightworkers are also spirits having human experiences. We have purposes and things we are meant to learn and experience. While we know many things, we do not know everything. There is a lot that we don’t know. We are here to help others learn what we know and have learned, inspire others to take charge of their lives and wellbeing and we are to continue to expand in our own personal journeys at the same time.

“-sharing our vulnerabilities don’t make us less powerful healers, it makes us stronger.”

It is often assumed that healers and lightworkers must have, and/or appear to have, their ish together in order for others to trust us and our abilities. That they must self title themselves as a guru to be respected. This is not true. Our humanness is what connects us and helps us help others most effectively. It is the bridge to compassion, forgiveness and empathy. It makes us relatable. This openness doesn’t require us air out our private lives 24/7, but sharing our vulnerabilities don’t make us less powerful healers, it makes us stronger. While dedicated lightworkers naturally want to be immersed in their healing modalities of choice, they cannot know it all right away. That would take all the fun out of the journey to be very knowledgeable in our fields.

I’ll be transparent about one of my healing journeys going on right now. I have begun the journey to heal and correct a recent development of seasonal allergies (it started last year). I have not gone to a doctor or any other licensed medical professional to confirm this. I am in tune with my body and through doing my own research, I came to the conclusion that this is more than likely what is going on. I do NOT encourage others to self assess or self diagnose; please visit a health care practitioner if you are feeling that something is off with your health. I am only sharing my experience and am not encouraging others to conduct themselves the same way.

I began to notice this condition last year and chose to ignore it. I would cough and sneeze around particular trees. The the progression of it is a little stronger this spring; I feel like I can feel my immune system attacking tree and grass pollen that may find its way in my body. Thankfully, I don’t getting watery eyes and sneezing fits with congestion but it’s uncomfortable enough for me to get up and do something about it before it can get any worse. I know the cause of it is linked to my diet. While I do not eat a lot of meat and dairy, I eat out a lot and even if a restaurant says that it’s a vegan meal, I am not there to see what is in the food. My journey involves correcting the imbalance causing this and it starts with getting back to a predominantly akaline diet of electric foods (this will require more cooking and planning on my part), getting my colon health back on track and liver cleanse. Reiki/energy healing will also help me with this by assisting in accelerating and optimizing the healing process. It won’t do it for me but it will put more positive energy behind my intention and help attract and accelerate the healing. If you are interested, I can take you along with me as I correct this.

“Suffering isn’t a matter of fact, it can be corrected.”

Yes, I have more than one thing I am healing. Yes, there are still things I am learning and uncovering about energy healing. Yes, I am a skilled and effective healer, right now. Yes, I am always growing and expanding. Good health and a good life isn’t reserved for the “perfect” as society views it, the select few, for the “beautiful” or for the wealthy. It is for anyone that wants it and makes a commitment to it. Good health is a choice, a decision and a way of being. Suffering isn’t a matter of fact, it can be corrected. It can be optional. I want to erase the feeling of helplessness and replace it with the feeling of empowerment. There aren’t a chosen few, there are just few who believe and know that they are the captain of their ship and can change the course if needed.

In closing, all of us are healing and on journeys, including any of your favorite holistic lightworkers. Every last one of us on this planet are here to grow and expand and we are all learning from each other. I am a healer. I do not have all the answers but I have many answers and am learning more of them. You are drawn to work with me because you see some of me in you and I am able to help you because I have experienced similar things that you have.

Continue to follow the blog for my shares on things I am healing from or have healed from already and feel free to share yours in the comments. We, actually, all are perfect; we’ve just forgotten that we are and judge what it has to look like. Let’s just say, life is more about harmony and less about a one size fits all model. It’s a concept we all need a regular reminder on, myself included. 😉

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