Our Debut Event! Reiki Healing Sound Bath on August 11th, 2019

Join us for Fly & Flourishing’s debut event next month! I am excited to announced the first event will be a Reiki healing sound bath on August 11th in New York City at 12pm. We will zen out over sounds from crystal singing bowls being played lived by me while receiving Quantum Reiki from me as well!

We are harnessing the power of sound therapy with crystal singing bowls and Quantum Reiki energy to inspire release, re-centering and restoration of the mind, body and soul. Sound therapy is a powerful healing modality that encourages a peaceful state, clarity and a relaxed state. Crystal singing bowls have a range of different frequencies that target the different chakra centers and clear blockages .

Quantum Reiki is an energy healing technique that encourages stress relief, relaxation and wellbeing and helps accelerate the healing of our mind, body and soul beyond the cellular level. Quantum Reiki connects us with Divine Source Energy to reset our chakras, move through energetic obstacles and reminds us of our personal power and wholeness.

When you combine the two, you get a formidable, energetic nourishing and nurturing experience. Meditate and elevate luxuriating in healing crystal singing bowl sounds and Quantum Reiki with us on August 11th in New York City at the Balance Arts Center. Zen out with us! You don’t want to miss this.

Purchase tickets HERE. Limited spots are available. See you there.

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