NEW OFFERING! Community Distance Reiki 10/17/19

Hello there! I apologize for not being so active on here. A lot of good things have been going on and we’ve been, well, flourishing! Last month kicked off our first live event in NYC, hosting a Reiki Healing Sound Bath, and it was a beautiful turnout and experience! We had visitors from all over the country and world in attendance; huge thank you to all who came. Today, I am typing from my bed! I am sick and respecting my mind and body’s need for stillness- which I will get back to after I post this. Promise. 🙂

I am excited to share a new monthly offering starting next month: Community Distance Reiki. One on ones with me are filling up fast- the rest of this year is almost completely booked, thank you! I still wanted Reiki to be readily available to whoever wants or needs it. So once a month, I will be offering a 30 minute community distance Reiki session. Anyone in the world can join. They will be at 8:30pm EST. If you live in another time zone that this falls at a time in the day that is drastically different t and doesn’t work for you, all you have to do is let me know after signing up, which zone you live in so that you will receive it at 8:30pm your time.

In addition to Community Distance Reiki allowing me to expand the reach of Reiki to help more people in the same amount of time, it is also a lower cost option now available and supports my belief that self care resources should be easily accessible to any and all socioeconomic communities. (PS I’ll be adding Reiki Share Sundays back real soon (where I send Reiki out into the world for about 10-15 mins) and those are free!)


How this service differs from the Reiki Healing Circle Calls is that we do not get on a call together and there is not a group meditation portion before the session begins. CDR is completely remote. What you will get is a text (if you supply your phone number) or an email from me when the session begins and another when it closes.

Please join our first community distance Reiki session this October 17th at 8:30pm. I’m excited to offer this and receive your feedback. It will be illuminating and refreshing.

Reserve your spot HERE

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